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GTA 6 leak appears to confirm another actor

GTA 6 leak appears to confirm another actor

A new GTA VI leak appears to confirm another actor that will star in the upcoming Rockstar Games title.

It's another day of Grand Theft Auto VI rumours, but could the latest be the most substantial yet?

The latest leak apparently confirms another actor that will play a role in the next big hit from Rockstar Games. Back in May 2023, an actor believed to be playing one of the two main characters dropped a tease sending fans into a frenzy, but now it seems that another actor may have been confirmed. As reported by ComicBook, Reggie Talley (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Power Book III: Raising Kanan)may have inadvertently revealed, according to his resume, that he’s playing a character in GTA VI.

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While at first glance his resume may not reveal much, it’s the use of the word 'Fireball' that has caught the attention of the internet. At this point, there has been countless speculation in regard to Grand Theft Auto VI. Specifically, the word Fireball has reportedly appeared more than once and some believe that it’s the codename for Rockstar Games’ highly anticipated title.

On Talley’s resume, allegedly it mentions that he’s working on a game codenamed Fireball and it also states that the “real title” of this game in question is “to be determined.” What’s more, ComicBook says that the codename Fireball has been used previously in other actors' resumes in reference to an unannounced project of Rockstar Games.

There is the possibility that Fireball might not be connected to Grand Theft Auto VI, but seeing as Rockstar Games has already reportedly cancelled remasters of Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV to focus on GTA VI, it’s perhaps unlikely that the developer would be working on anything else.

We of course know that Rockstar Games is currently working on GTA VI, so the project is not a secret in that respect. That being said, perhaps the actors are required to use the codename to simply keep the cast of GTA VI under wraps.

At this time, we do not know when the next Rockstar Games title will be released, though rumours suggest it might arrive between 2024 to 2025. Still, fans are hoping that a GTA VI gameplay and release date reveal is around the next corner. It is expected that Grand Theft Auto VI will be released for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games, 12th Hour via YouTube

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