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GTA 6 fans frustrated over GTA Online 2 'cost' update

GTA 6 fans frustrated over GTA Online 2 'cost' update

Some worrying insider information about Grand Theft Auto VI’s online mode has fans worried, and we can’t blame them.

Some worrying insider information about Grand Theft Auto VI’s online mode has left fans feeling concerned, and we can’t blame them.

It’s no secret that Grand Theft Auto Online has been a complete success since launching alongside Grand Theft Auto V back in 2013. Since then, the online mode has received update after update, adding new customisation options, weapons, vehicles, missions and heists. It’s still getting new updates now, but many players are wondering what GTA VI’s iteration will look like.

GTA VI will likely have an online mode, though how it’ll differ from the current version remains a mystery, with many wondering if progress will transfer over or if players will be starting from scratch. However, one prominent leaker, Tez2, has disclosed some worrying insider information: there won’t be dedicated servers.

Tez2 recently stated, “Explosion shenanigans may still occur on VI, because of how explosions are streamed from the closest player to them. Although, Rockstar keeps adding checks to explosion native functions. Much like GTAO recent Drug Wars update.”

Now this info needs to be taken with a grain of salt, as Rockstar Games haven’t officially announced anything yet but if the leak is credible, it’s certainly not good news. Dedicated servers offer a better connection for players in online gaming, limiting performance issues like lag, glitches and other problems. In a large-scale game like Grand Theft Auto Online, this can be very problematic and negatively affect player experiences.

Players have already faced similar problems in the current version of GTA Online, which has needed regular updates over the years to fix desync, lagging and loading times. Safe to say fans aren’t eager to experience those problems again, especially in a monumental title like GTA VI, which will supposedly be ground-breaking.

Given the hype around Grand Theft Auto VI, no dedicated servers would definitely be a misstep for Rockstar, so we can only hope that this leak in particular is false, otherwise, there’s going to be a lot of disappointed players on launch day.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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