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GTA 6 fans should check out new open world game that's basically GTA: Brazil

GTA 6 fans should check out new open world game that's basically GTA: Brazil

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If you're looking for something to play while you wait for GTA 6, and you've had your fill of GTA V, then this Early Access Steam game might be just the thing. 171 looks like, on the surface at least, to be a GTA-style game set in Brazil.

Launched into Early Access in November 2022, 171 is clearly inspired by Rockstar Games' GTA franchise. There's a sense that a lot of the action comes from games like GTAV, but while it appears similar, the locale definitely sets it apart.

171 and GTA V are both ideal ways to wait out GTA 6!

The team expects the full game to appear in 2024, but this could, of course, change as time passes. According to the Steam page for the game, "The main game mechanics have already been implemented, the player can explore the map in depth using the open world mechanics present in the game, it is possible to explore the city, drive cars, motorcycles and climb houses and establishments, you can also enter some houses map, as about 20% of homes have interactive interiors."

171 doesn't currently have a proper single player experience implemented as yet, but your character progress is saved, so you can treat it more like a sandbox-crime experience. From the trailer and the screenshots, it's clear to see the influences, but the environments are a stark difference to the American cities we usually see in these action games.

The features of the game feel comfortingly familiar and include petty crimes, earning money, shopping for weapons, provoke criminals, complete small jobs and fight it out with the cops. While there are more updates coming to bring more content, missions and interactions, the game is a playable adventure that could tide you over until GTA 6 releases and has us all flocking to Vice City.

Featured Image Credit: Betagames Group

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