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GTA 6 fan crashes live TV show demanding Vice City update

GTA 6 fan crashes live TV show demanding Vice City update

A GTA fan has invaded live TV again!

Fans across the world have been patiently awaiting news from Rockstar Games on its upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI.

Ever since Rockstar Games announced back in February 2022 that it was working on GTA VI, we’ve heard nothing since. Well, at least officially.

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We’ve had those infamous GTA VI gameplay leaks which appear to be from an early build. We’ve heard rumours that it will feature a brother and sister playable duo inspired by Bonnie and Clyde, and perhaps most notably, not only is it rumoured that we’ll return to Vice City, but other locations from the GTA franchise have been teased.

While fans are desperate to hear official news from Rockstar Games, it seems that some fans go to great lengths in an attempt to learn more about GTA VI. Back in August 2021, a fan stormed a live TV game show in Germany demanding the release of the next game in the Grand Theft Auto series, and this week, we’re having a heavy dose of deja vu.

A fan has done it again in what seems to be history repeating itself. It appears that the very same fan that stormed the live TV show in Germany has done it once more. This time, the fan in question has invaded the show Dopplepass featuring Bayern Munich and German international legend, Steffan Effenberg who attended the show in an official capacity as its star guest.

Obviously, this GTA fan never got the answers that he wanted and nor should he when invading unrelated TV shows and to be honest, this is probably not the way to incite information from Rockstar Games. Thankfully, even though the invader had a bottle of water thrown at him, no one has been hurt by the shenanigans.

Hopefully, Rockstar Games will put us all out of our misery soon by not only giving us a GTA VI trailer but hopefully a release date too. GTA VI is expected to be released on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Featured Image Credit: Dopplepass

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