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GTA 5's story update finally confirms Trevor's fate

GTA 5's story update finally confirms Trevor's fate

Is it a happy ending?

An update to Grand Theft Auto Online sheds a little light on Trevor's whereabouts since the conclusion of Grand Theft Auto V, and it sounds like the character is somewhere in Vice City.

Of course, that opens up a whole can of worms seeing that Grand Theft Auto VI is confirmed to be set in a modernised Vice City. However, actor Steven Ogg, who portrayed Trevor in the previous game, seemed disinterested in the idea of reprising his role even for a fan's Cameo. "I'm not Trevor," he said. "My name is Steven, and I'm an actor. So, I get it, in a sense, and I don't get it in a big sense as well. As actors, you portray different characters, and it would be literally impossible for me to be a cartoon. I need to get that off my chest."

Here's the full Cameo:

Ogg received worldwide acclaim for his performance as Trevor and has starred in shows like Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead, Westworld and Snowpiercer. Given his response to the request, though, we're able to ascertain that he has left that part of his career in the past and it's unlikely that Trevor would return in anything more than a voice role.

As per the blog post on Rockstar Games about the Los Santos Drug Wars update, Trevor's neighbour Ron has become involved with the Fooliganz and their Freakshop to distribute their hallucinogenics across the city. Specifically, it says that Trevor is no longer located in Los Santos, leading fans to suspect that he has skipped over to Vice City. Alternatively, this could be a line to divorce Ogg from his former character and stamp out any speculation that Trevor could come back. I'm willing to bet on the latter.

Featured Image Credit: Take-Two Interactive

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