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GTA 5 player crashes game, ends up with $32 million refund

GTA 5 player crashes game, ends up with $32 million refund

One Grand Theft Auto 5 player crashed the game during an in-game purchase and ended up with a $32 million refund.

One GTA V player ended up with a whopping $32 million refund after the game crashed midway through an in-game purchase.

Grand Theft Auto Online is one of the industry’s biggest money-makers and is still going strong 10 years after it was first released on PS3 and Xbox 360. Yep, GTA V has been around for that long already. For many fans, they venture into the city of Los Santos for its single player campaign, whereas many others are here for online shenanigans.

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The GTA V single player alone has racked up 175 million unit sales between 2013 and 2023 and generated an estimated $7.7 billion in revenue. However, when you throw GTA Online microtransactions known as GTA$ into the mix, Rockstar Games is making truly filthy money.

So if a player for whatever reason asks Rockstar Games for a refund, it should be a mere drop in the ocean for the company - and when one player asked for that very thing, they got a lot more than they bargained for. As reported by PCGamesN, when Reddit user Skraelos asked Rockstar Games for a refund of $75,000 worth of in-game currency, they instead were rewarded with $32 million. Yikes!

Skraelos contacted Rockstar Games asking for a refund after making an in-game purchase to acquire supplies for their online bunker. However, when the online servers crashed, the player not only lost the supplies they had purchased, but also their GTA$.

“I’d bought the bunker supplies and shortly after that, my game crashed,” Skraelos told PCGamesN. “When I logged back online, I noticed that the money was gone, but the supplies hadn’t arrived. I just made a ticket hoping they [Rockstar] could restore the money (yes, I’m very stingy, even about such a low amount). The next thing I knew, I was greeted by the message in the screenshot.”

To put things into perspective, 75,000 GTA$ would probably work out to be around £1. To buy 10,000,000 GTA$ is £60 for the Megalodon Shark Card and the lowest amount purchasable is 250,000 GTA$ for £3.19 for the Tiger Shark Card. So by asking for a refund to the equivalent of about £1, Skraelos instead got a refund worth around £183.

Obviously excited and yet somewhat confused by the overly generous refund, Skraelos added: “I have absolutely no idea how this could even happen. I actually don’t plan on touching the money, just in case Rockstar notices and decides to deduct that amount from me.”

In related news, fans are convinced that the Grand Theft Auto VI release date announcement will be made in a matter of days.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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