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GTA 5 'pacifist' run took three years and several murders

GTA 5 'pacifist' run took three years and several murders

One Grand Theft Auto V player has completed a pacifist run after three years and over 1000 hours.

September was quite the month for Grand Theft Auto. As I’m sure you’re now aware, Rockstar Games was the victim of a major cyber attack during which over an hour of Grand Theft Auto VI development footage was stolen and leaked online, alongside screenshots and source code. A UK-based teenager was subsequently arrested, pleading “not guilty” in court.

Investigations and legal proceedings remain ongoing. Diehard fans are keeping busy using the leaked footage to map out GTA VI’s version of Vice City but one fan has taken their dedication to dizzying heights after spending three years on completing a pacifist run of GTA V.

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As reported by GamesRadar, YouTuber DarkViperAU has finally completed a pacifist run of GTA V after beginning his attempt on 25 May, 2019. A pacifist run is exactly what it sounds like. You have to complete the game whilst avoiding killing and violence. In a game like GTA V, it’s impossible to be a complete pacifist as certain deaths are required in order to progress through the story but DarkViperAU managed to end the run with just 96 kills.

Thirty of these used firearms and the rest were melee kills. DarkViperAU’s main tactic was to allow NPCs to take each other out, with the YouTuber then dealing with whoever was leftover. The pacifist run was completed over 27 videos, amassing over 1,000 hours of footage.

Upon completing the feat, DarkViperAU said, “This series has generated over 30 million views and 90,000 subscribers. It has also taken the better part of my sanity, but it was well worth it." Props to you my man.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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