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GTA 5 Trevor actor lifts the lid on cancelled Agent Trevor DLC

GTA 5 Trevor actor lifts the lid on cancelled Agent Trevor DLC

It hurts that we were denied Agent Trevor. How could Rockstar do this?

We’ve lost so much already, yet still we have to suffer learning we’ve lost more than we realised.

GTA fans have been left heartbroken after learning a finished project was shelved by Rockstar Games. Unfortunately, though, this is only one of many projects that have been canned.

Recent brutal layoffs have meant that $140 million worth of projects have been cancelled at Take-Two Interactive, and now we can add losing an iconic GTA V storyline to the list.

Speaking of GTA, let's check out that GTA VI trailer one more time.

During a recent chat his fellow GTA V cast, Trevor actor, Steven Ogg, discussed how Trevor had been destined to become “James Bond Trevor". Yet, despite shooting content for this, it was scrapped.

Ogg mentions not knowing why, to which Ned Luke chimes in that Rockstar went to GTA Online “for that stuff”.

As you can imagine, fans are devastated by this news; seeing Trevor undercover would have been a highlight of the character’s progression. Though, as Ogg himself said, he’d have still been a “f*ck up”.

“Such a missed opportunity,” posted Twitter user SWEGTA. Another comment further down the post read, “Classic modern Rockstar.” They then added, “It’s cool to know they filmed it though, so it was probably deep in development.”

The bad news seem set to continue, as an insider has leaked that GTA VI will apparently be shorter than expected.

Given the enormous map size, it’s got fans worried and angry that this hyped-up game may end up launching undercooked in spite of how long we’ve waited for it.

Hopefully this leak ends up being nothing more than scaremongering speculation. Otherwise, we anticipate Rockstar being in even deeper and hotter water with its fans than it is already.

Although we won’t get Agent Trevor, it’s interesting to learn where his character could have gone after all the wild antics of GTA V.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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