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God Of War Ragnarök was almost two games

God Of War Ragnarök was almost two games

The God of War Norse saga was almost a trilogy, as developers debated splitting Ragnarök in two.

If I had to pick my most anticipated release in the remainder of this year, God Of War Ragnarök would win by a mile. The second and final chapter in Kratos’ Norse saga is set to wrap up on 9 November and with just a couple of weeks to go until that date, the excitement is building. This week, God Of War Ragnarök’s download size was revealed and it’s an absolute beast.

Insiders have also teased that God Of War Ragnarök is clocking in at several hours longer than its predecessor. Whilst the main story is believed to be around the same length, Ragnarök is reportedly full of a wider array of side quests. All in all, it sounds like the game will keep fans busy for a couple of weeks. In fact, developers almost ended up splitting God Of War Ragnarök into two games.

Check out the latest trailer for God Of War Ragnarök below.

Earlier this week, Santa Monica Studio devs offered a behind-the-scenes look at the making of God Of War Ragnarök’s narrative. During this, they revealed that the game was almost split in two. Lead writer Rich Gaubery explained, “Whether the Norse saga was going to be a trilogy or just two games was something we debated a lot. There were obviously pros and cons for either approach.”

“We waited for Cory Barlog [Producer] to weigh in and he did. He said, ‘Let’s do it in two,’” Gaubery added. Due to this, senior narrative producer Ariel Angelotti explained that Ragnarök ended up being “bigger than what we initially envisioned,” as “there’s a lot of important story moments” that needed to be covered. This just makes me more excited to dive in.

Developers also revealed that because God Of War Ragnarök was in development for such a long time, Atreus actor Sunny Suljic had to re-record most of his lines as his voice had changed drastically throughout puberty.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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