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‘God Of War Ragnarok’ Teaser Showcases Tyr, Thor and Massive Wolf Pals

‘God Of War Ragnarok’ Teaser Showcases Tyr, Thor and Massive Wolf Pals

Not long to wait now

If you, like us, are looking forward to God of War Ragnarök’s release, you’ll already have the date of November 9 circled in big red marker pen, for it’s that day, friends, when we’ll see this long-awaited epic land on PlayStation 4 and 5. We’ve already seen plenty of the sequel in action, featuring Kratos with some fresh moves and an older, tougher Atreus by his side. And now we’ve another glimpse of what to expect, showcasing all manner of realms, a whole other God of War, and what looks like a battle with a pair of Valkyries in… space? Probably not, but it’s pretty cosmic-looking, wherever it is. Oh, and that’s definitely Thor at the end, chucking his hammer around. It’s his thing.

Watch the new Story Trailer for God of War Ragnarök below…

So, what else caught your eye? After careful consultation with GB’s own in-house knower of Norse stuff, we know that the other God of War in this game is chatting away at the beginning of this trailer. Tyr is who we’re talking about, a veritable patron of warriors in Norse mythology and a renowned large lad. Later, we see a pair of hefty wolves hanging out with with K and A, staring at the sky as junior shoots an arrow at it, who could be Geri and Freki (or Fenrir, a child of Loki, who we know in this series’ fiction to be Atreus, which we’re sure will make sense of itself somehow) are almost certainly Sköll and Hati (thanks, friend in the comments). And there’s no doubting that Freya is still harbouring a serious grudge over the whole Baldur thing from the last game. Look, the guy was a dick, he got what was coming to him. Not sure what or who the creepy underwater someone is - perhaps a selkie, or even a margygr (basically an evil Norse mermaid bastard)? We’ll find out soon enough.

As well as this new gameplay tease - Kratos seems to have a grappling hook sort of deal now too, to swing/zip across gaps, which we’re into - Sony also unveiled a special, limited-edition God of War Ragnarök DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5. If you’re a fan of such things, you can check the tastefully subtle design of it below. It’s available at the same time as the game, November 9.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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