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God Of War Ragnarök pro destroys Valkyrie Queen in under 30 seconds on hardest difficulty

God Of War Ragnarök pro destroys Valkyrie Queen in under 30 seconds on hardest difficulty

One incredible God of War player has destroyed the challenging postgame boss fight with ease using a special build (and a lot of skill).

Spoiler warning: this article contains spoilers for the postgame of God of War Ragnarök - proceed with caution.

A month on from its release, and God of War Ragnarök players are already finding ways to decimate the game’s challenging postgame content on the highest possible difficulty setting.

That’s right - as Game Rant reports, one player on Reddit has left fans absolutely blown away after destroying one of the award-winning game’s hardest postgame bosses, Valkyrie Queen Gna, in 26 seconds flat on Give Me God of War difficulty, which is absolutely wild. Anyone who’s attempted this fight will know that it’s a tough one even on the lower difficulties, so to see it done so quickly is a sight to behold.

Take a look at this weird Ragnarök ad starring Ben Stiller as Kratos below.

Reddit user reaktioNz was so confident about their skill that they didn’t even bother healing up before the fight - clearly because there was absolutely no need. They didn’t take any damage at all, simply because they were too busy dishing it out as Kratos. What’s more, the user has shown off their entire build in the video, so you can try it out for yourself. Take a look below.

“The build is built on maximising melee damage around the combo finisher,” reaktioNz explained. “Freya’s summon debuffs, you buff yourself with relic and awaken weapon (L1+Triangle) then just spam any combo ending with the finisher. I found the evade attack one the best.”

Other PlayStation fans in thread are very impressed: “Bro this s**t took me hours and [you] did it here in 26 seconds,” Mannit578 commented. “Hawt damn, that’s impressive as hell. I used the Realm Shift armour (Radiance something) throughout the entire game, but had to replace it for Gna and the King,” santathe1 wrote. “Took me five hours to beat Gna on GMGOW. This video is insane, you got lucky with the poison cloud and ice because it weakens Gna when they shatter on her,” wrote LargeKeyboard.

Ragnarök did incredibly well at The Game Awards last week - although it missed out on the Game of the Year award, it managed to take six others home, including Best Action/Adventure, Best Narrative and Best Audio Design.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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