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God of War Ragnarök players only just realised this feature gives them free health

God of War Ragnarök players only just realised this feature gives them free health

One God of War Ragnarök player has taken to Reddit to point out a really useful feature that most people are overlooking.

God of War Ragnarök was released just over a month ago, and I’m pleased to report that I’ve finally got my hands on that coveted platinum trophy. How are you all getting along? I’m not the only one with a trophy, God of War Ragnarök scooped up six of them at last week’s The Game Awards including wins for best narrative, best audio design, and best performance for Christopher Judge as Kratos.

There is so much to discover in God of War Ragnarök. In fact, I think the side quests are among some of the best I’ve ever played. Just yesterday, players were horrified to learn that they’ve been killing children the entire game. You’ll be pleased to know, today’s discovery isn’t quite as dark. Most people have been completely overlooking a seriously handy feature.

Who’s excited to see Horizon Forbidden West’s story expanded? The Burning Shores DLC will be released in April 2023.

It took me 42 hours to get that platinum trophy and I must admit, I did not pick up on this feature at all. As reported by GamesRadar, one God of War Ragnarök player took to Reddit to inform others that you can actually use Mystic Gateways to fully restore your health and rage gauges. It’s weird because I did notice them reset a couple of times throughout the game but I didn’t put together that it was because of the Mystic Gateways. It would’ve been a handy trick to be aware of on the occasions that I struggled to find a health crystal.

Reddit user heisenberg_82_WW wrote, “PSA: If you are low on health or spartan rage after a big fight, head to a Mystic Gateway. Every time you activate the gateway, it refills your health and rage metres. I was probably 35 hours in, on my first play through before I realised this.”

Thankfully, me and heisenbeg_82_WW weren’t alone in not knowing this which makes me feel much better. Geestar543 wrote, “Great tip! Took me 40 hours before I realised,” while Connect-Classic-1894 added, “Thanks. I platinumed the game and never knew that.” BetterCallSal wrote, “I literally found this out 10 minutes after beating [the game’s final boss].” Now you all know.

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