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Gamers officially sick of console war bullsh*t, beg fanboys to grow up

Gamers officially sick of console war bullsh*t, beg fanboys to grow up

Enough nonsense

When I was younger I had the piss ripped out of me almost relentlessly for choosing Nintendo over PlayStation or Xbox. I'm still not quite over the time a friend told me Metroid Prime was just a Halo ripoff, though lord knows I've tried to move on.

I'd hope that most of the people reading this know that console war bullshit is exactly that: bullshit. Whether you favour Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, or PC, we should all focus on what we love and mind our goddamn business.

Take a look at our 10/10 review of Starfield (written by someone who wouldn't consider themselves a huge Xbox stan) below!

Over on r/gaming fans are widely agreeing that it's long-past time to move away from console wars and celebrate the games we love. It's a notion most of us have adopted already, of course, but it's refreshing to see so many agreeing with the sentiment when just a few years ago it might have been met with much more pushback.

"I am so f*cking tired of the constant f*cking bickering about which platform is better for gaming," writes willrsauls I assumed we all grew out of this shit when we were seven. Every platform today and the company behind them have things they’re doing well and things they’re lacking in."

While most were quick to agree with the lengthy and impassioned post peppered with spicy language, others argued that console wars are most prevalent among children.

"Console wars among children are the result of kids coping they can’t have everything so they downplay what they don’t have," one user pointed out.

I wish it were true that console wars are the sole preserve of kids under the age of 10, but we all know it's not. I've spent enough time on social media and writing for gaming websites to know there are people far older who should know much better behaving like idiots.

"Funnily enough… at least on Twitter… a lot of the console war flamers are 30-something millennials," another user reasoned.

While I certainly don't believe we can end console wars here and now, let's you and me agree it's all a bit silly and try to be better. Yeah? Yeah. That sounds good.

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