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FIFA Fans Furious Over New FIFA 23 Feature

FIFA Fans Furious Over New FIFA 23 Feature

Cross players

Publisher Electronic Arts has confirmed that FIFA 23 will launch with cross-play this September - a first for the series.

At first glance this is a huge deal for the series, and great news for all the players out there who will finally be able to enjoy some virtual football with their mates on separate platforms. Unfortunately, there's something of a catch. Because isn't there always a catch?

Before we move on, take a look at some of the best FIFA wins and fails below?

While many fans celebrated the announcement, some quickly clocked that Pro Clubs will not feature crossplay support. According to EA, this is because it's too complicated to make work.

"We want to ensure our product innovation is delivered at quality, and because of the technical intricacies of implementing cross-play, modes that pair players together such as Pro Clubs will not feature cross-play at this time," EA explained of the decision.

While Pro Clubs, an online social mode, is hardly the most popular mode in FIFA (Ultimate Team probably has that honor), there's no denying it has its fans. You can see why these people are more than a little upset about the mode being left out of all the crossplay action this year, then.

While EA has yet to respond to the backlash (and honestly, probably won't) discontent has started to spread on social media like butter on a hot crumpet.

"No crossplay on Pro Clubs is a joke," The United Stand presenter Mark Goldbridge wrote on Twitter. "This could be an amazing part of the game but EA are too interested in FUT and taking money #SaveProClubs."

"Not having crossplay for Pro Clubs on FIFA 23 is so so shit.. cmon," added Alex Hobson.

FIFA 23 will officially launch September 30, at which point I'm sure more complaints will swiftly follow.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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