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'Fallout: Nuevo Mexico' Is An Excellent Looking Follow-Up To 'New Vegas'

'Fallout: Nuevo Mexico' Is An Excellent Looking Follow-Up To 'New Vegas'

For the fans, by the fans, obviously

We know you love Fallout: New Vegas. We rather like it, too. And you know who else loves the 2010-released post-apocalyptic adventure? Modders. Those game-twisting tinkerers, they can’t get enough of Obsidian’s jaunt around 2281-era (used to be known as) Las Vegas. And here’s a new mod that’s really caught our eye.

As covered over on DSO Gaming, the fan-made New Vegas expansion Fallout: Nuevo Mexico is being designed to pay tribute to the first two titles in the iconic role-play series in its heavy RPG elements. Check out the trailer for the mod, below.


The team behind Nuevo Mexico write, alongside the trailer upload: “Welcome to Land of Enhancement. It is the year 2285, and the world has changed. Every choice made will revolutionise the future for better or worse. Built on the classic and legendary Fallout: New Vegas engine, this Free full-on RPG-based modification brings you a brand new Fallout experience.” 

The notes continue: “Everything shown in this footage is bound to change, and is considered final until the full modification game is released.” Which is fair enough. Amongst the key features listed are new factions, more than three new player companions, new activities, and travel between locations and states. That, and that this mod is “a heavily focused RPG experience inspired by the classic games (Fallout 1 and Fallout 2)”. Good to know.

Nuevo Mexico - which has no release date, just yet - is far from the first slice of fan-made DLC for Fallout: New Vegas, as both The Frontier (which we covered here) and New California (here) are playable now. Also in development still - at least, we’ve not heard about it for a while now - is Star Wars Open Worlds, a mod built on New Vegas which sets its action in the, you guessed it, Star Wars universe. In June 2021, we also got a look at Fallout: London, a mod built on and around Fallout 4 - check that one out, below. So much Fallout, so little time...

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks, Fallout: Nuevo Mexico team

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