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Fallout meets Silent Hill in this stunning free horror

Fallout meets Silent Hill in this stunning free horror

Fallout meets Silent Hill in this stunning free horror

If you have ever wanted to experience a Fallout title that is even scarier than its post-apocalyptic setting, then want no more as one modder has created a Silent Hill overhaul for Fallout 4.

It is no secret that the Fallout 4 modding community is one of the best with the hard-working creators still adding new and exciting content to the game almost ten-years after it was first released. With mods that add brand-new story lines to the game to ones that double the size of the Fallout 4 map, it is no wonder the game still has a healthy player base to this day.

Check out the Fallout 4 trailer below!

Now joining in on the fun is NexusMods user Mangaclub who has created the ‘Whispering Hills’ overhaul to Fallout 4. With the aim to add “a Silent Hill-like Nightmare” to the base game, the free mod features “thick fog, strange sounds” and the ability to occasionally be dragged into the Otherworld which is inhabited by a myriad of monstrous creatures.

Whispering Hills will add some of Silent Hill’s most infamous monsters to the game such as Siren Head, Mumblers, Lying Figures, Ghouls, Silent Hill Nurses, Twin Head Screamers and Dogs and it won’t be long before you run into Pyramid Head himself. On top of that, spooky sounds taken directly from Silent Hill will be added to the background of your Commonwealth exploration which pairs perfectly with the thick fog that will slowly envelop you.

With a combat music overhaul, 10 varieties of fog and even a quest line to follow (complete with voiced NPCs), Whispering Hills is perfect for the horror fans out there. On your explorations, you will also encounter some familiar sights such as Midwich Elementary School from Silent Hill 1, Alchemilla Hospital

and more.

Whispering Hills is free to download via NexusMods for owners of the Fallout 4 base game.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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