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Fallout 76 drops hefty surprise update featuring several quality of life improvements

Fallout 76 drops hefty surprise update featuring several quality of life improvements

Bethesda has released yet another sizeable update for Fallout 76 featuring several quality of life improvements.

Despite a rocky start since its launch in 2018, Fallout 76 has been going from strength to strength with Bethesda hard at work improving the action RPG. Most recently, it has dropped a surprise update that addresses several quality of life issues.

Check out the Fallout 76 trailer below!

The first Fallout 76 update for 2024 has dropped and Patch aims to address multiple quality of life issues as well as adding improvements to crafting, expeditions, power armour, quests and more. This is just another example of Bethesda aiming to improve the online RPG and its hard work has paid off with Fallout 76 reportedly hitting a 17 million player count at the end of 2023.

Patch, which is now available to download across all playable platforms, comes alongside Fallout 76’s Burning Love event but despite not adding new content, it still addresses a series of bugs and issues.

The patch notes are available here but most notable fixes including jumping into the Toxic Vat in The Pitt now causing instant death, the Legendary Perk Collateral Damage now working with all melee weapons and not just unarmed weapons, and Union Power Armor pieces now only dropping once a player knows how to make the armor pieces to name a few.

In other news, the Burning Love event is now live and will run until 13 February. The seemingly Valentine’s Day inspired event will allow players to get their hands on a free Hot Rod Pink Flamer skin from the Atomic Shop which you can equip to take on the weekly incineration challenges. Performing well in these challenges will reward you with Perk cards, Legendary Modules and Repair Kits as well as the Pink Mechanic Jumpsuit and Rose Tinted Glasses for completing four of five weekly challenges.

The Atlantic City expansion is next up for Fallout 76 with the Fallout TV show set to air in April.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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