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Experts already warning Modern Warfare 3 will be 'riddled' with cheaters

Experts already warning Modern Warfare 3 will be 'riddled' with cheaters

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III could be "riddled with cheaters" according to an industry watchdog group.

An anti-cheat watchdog has warned that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III could be “riddled” with cheaters upon release if the recent beta is anything to go by.

Activision is known for taking cheating very seriously, constantly updating their RICOCHET anti-cheat engine. That being said, it looks as if the system will need a few tweaks following the ongoing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III beta. MWIII is set to release on 10 November, bringing with it a brand new open-world Zombies mode, and an even more disturbing take on the famous ‘No Russian’ mission. Last weekend, the beta got underway on PlayStation, with Xbox and PC users able to partake from today. PC is the platform you might most expect to find cheaters but after the PlayStation-only lobbies were swarmed by cheaters last week, industry watchdogs are growing concerned.

Take a look at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III’s multiplayer mode in action below.

As reported by Dexerto, watchdog group Anti-Cheat Police Department has warned that the PC version of MWIII could be “riddled with cheaters” due to the fact that a hack provider is handing out ‘free cheats’. The group reported, “A provider is giving out free cheats for the entire beta to promote their cheat further.”

The watchdog group’s tweet included a screenshot of a message reportedly sent by the hack provider. It read, “We are ready for MWIII beta. The software will be free during the beta test period.” By software, the hack provider is of course referring to the cheat software itself. The hope is that returning players will then purchase further cheats when MWIII launches in full.

As I mentioned, Activision constantly updates RICOCHET so hopefully, we’ll see any hacks swiftly dealt with. It’s also not known how extensively RICOCHET is being used during the beta period. It could well be the case that Activision is holding back, to see which exploits some players try and use. They’re yet to comment on the situation.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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