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Dr Disrespect Wasn't Invited To Call Of Duty Event Because He “Talks Too Much Trash”

Dr Disrespect Wasn't Invited To Call Of Duty Event Because He “Talks Too Much Trash”

Dr Disrespect won't be making an appearance at the Call of Duty Next event, and he claims to know exactly why.

Call of Duty Next, the “era-defining franchise event” presented by Infinity Ward, is taking place later today. As well as news about a number of upcoming CoD titles (including the multiplayer reveal of Modern Warfare II), fans can expect “a multitude of your [favourite] streamers at the event, playing the games in real time”, according to the announcement post on the Call of Duty blog.

While you're here, be sure to take a look at this Modern Warfare II gameplay ahead of the multiplayer reveal.

However, popular streamer Herschel ‘Dr Disrespect’ Beahm will apparently not be among them. As reported by Dot Esports, he spoke on stream yesterday, claiming to know why he wasn’t given an invite.

“I found out why the two-time’s not invited to the Call of Duty Next event,” he said. “The reason why, […] this is according to them, Doc talks too much trash about Call of Duty. And it makes me think, […] how many people talk trash about Call of Duty?"

“How many times have I complimented the game? How long have I been working with the franchise? For years and years and years,” he continued. “Everyone knows CoD spelled backwards is Doc and Doc spelled backwards is CoD, right? It’s in the blood. They straight up said the reason why is because I talk so much s**t. Take a look around! […] Bunch of phonies, man.”

Someone then suggested the reason why is because he’s “not a sellout”, to which he replied, “That’s true. They do look for sellouts. That’s for sure.” I can smell the smoke from the burning bridge from here. He went on to say that despite his criticisms of the series, Call of Duty is still probably his “number one” from a design, gameplay and IP standpoint. However, it definitely doesn’t seem like we’ll be seeing Doc making an appearance later today.

CoD Next will be streamed on YouTube and Twitch at 5:30pm BST.

Featured Image Credit: Dr DisRespect via YouTube, Activision

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