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Dino Crisis Is Coming To PlayStation 5, And I'm Crying Happy Tears

Dino Crisis Is Coming To PlayStation 5, And I'm Crying Happy Tears

Jurassic lark

It looks like Dino Crisis is finally making its way to modern consoles. Just... not quite in the way we might have wanted it to.

Fans of Capcom's other survival horror franchise have been desperate to see it return for a long old time. The last game in the series, the vaguely underwhelming Dino Crisis 3, was released back in 2003! And I thought I had it bad as a Metroid fan.

If you're after dinosaur-themed horror, you could do a lot worse than the upcoming Instinction. Take a look below!

Unfortunately, Dino Crisis fans are still going to have to wait for a brand-new entry in the series - but we do have some good news: it looks like the original PlayStation Dino Crisis is making its way to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 as part of the all-new PlayStation Plus.

As spotted by Twitter user @windycornertv, the Hong Kong PlayStation Store (where the new PS Plus has already launched) is showing Dino Crisis as part of the overhauled subscription service.

While none of the Dino Crisis games are currently available to download or purchase via the service just yet, the Store's Classic Catalogue section has a picture of Regina, the series' protagonist. This seems like a pretty clear indication that Dino Crisis is coming to the service at some point, no?

Sony has yet to confirm the full lineup of classic PS1 games that are set to launch with the new PS Plus here in the UK next month, but thanks to the Hong Kong launch we already have some idea of the bangers that are on the way.

It's also a safe bet that Sony will rotate new classics in every now and again, meaning Dino Crisis is surely inevitable.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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