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DC cancels a Batman movie fans have been crying out for

DC cancels a Batman movie fans have been crying out for

James Gunn reportedly continues to cancel major DC projects as he prepares to build his DCEU master plan.

Yesterday was a major day in the pop culture world, and no I’m not talking about The Game Awards - although that was pretty major too (How incredible does Star Wars Jedi: Survivor look?). I’m actually talking about the purging happening over at DC Studios. It’s no secret that the DCEU has been aimlessly bumbling along but that’s soon set to end.

James Gunn is essentially now the Kevin Feige of DC and as he prepares his long-term master plan for the studio, tough decisions must be made. Reports claim that DC is set to end the Aquaman franchise and is instead looking to cast Jason Momoa in a new role. Weird. Wonder Woman 3 is also dead in its current iteration, and even Man of Steel 2 may have been dropped. What’s perhaps even more shocking is that the purge continues on.

ICYMI, it’s been announced that Kevin Conroy will posthumously voice Batman in Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League. Take a look at the reveal below.

According to insider and podcaster Jeff Sneider, Michael Keaton was due to star in another Batman film soon but that is reportedly no longer happening. The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez added that the film would’ve been titled Batman Beyond, with a script from Birds of Prey scriptwriter Christina Hodson.

That would’ve been a dream come true for so many fans. Michael Keaton, of course, first played Batman all the way back in 1989’s Batman, later reprising the role in 1992’s Batman Returns. This is now the second time DC fans have been robbed of the chance to see Keaton in action again.

The actor was also set to reprise the role in the Batgirl film which was cancelled earlier this year. Unlike many of the cancelled projects I mentioned previously, Batgirl (starring Leslie Grace) had actually completed filming making its cancellation all the more controversial. It’s hard to trust in Gunn’s process which it’s this drastic.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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