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Cyberpunk 2077 players blown away by secret NPC we didn't know actually existed

Cyberpunk 2077 players blown away by secret NPC we didn't know actually existed

Did you find this NPC in your playthrough?

Cyberpunk 2077 is a huge game. It’s got a surprisingly large open world that is crammed full of details and hidden elements that make Night City feel all the more immersive.

Even this long after release, players are still finding things that shock them or change the way they look at the cast, including one Redditor who found an NPC, for the first time, after 800 hours of play.

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Despite putting in over 800 hours into Cyberpunk 2077, this player had no idea about finding Nina, an NPC who links back to the mission ‘Until Death Do Us Part,’ dead out in the world.

You can find her body in Night City and she’ll have a note of an archived conversation between her and her husband, Emilio Gutierrez.

That’s the same Emilio you’re robbing and exposing during the mission. It all links back in Night City.

Another player chimed in with, “I have almost twice that many hours and had no idea you could find her.”

To be fair, it’s easy to miss a lot of details in this game, as with any big RPG. The developers work for years adding in little details for those players who will sink in hundreds of hours.

Further down the Reddit thread, another user explains, “Some of these cyberpsycho missions are incredible. I used to just kill them but when you read the shards, man, they had some sad events.”

This shows that you should always read in-game lore and descriptions to truly fill out the story. It’s so easy to skip over them, but if you’re in love with the world that’s been built, why not find out more?

It makes you wonder just how much you’ve missed from games you’ve loved by not exploring fully, or skipping over a voice note. It’s an impetus to replay them, at least.

Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt Red

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