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Cyberpunk 2077 meets Resident Evil 3 in claustrophobic Steam horror

Cyberpunk 2077 meets Resident Evil 3 in claustrophobic Steam horror

Cyberpunk 2077 meets Resident Evil 3 in claustrophobic Steam horror

Combining elements of Cyberpunk 2077, Resident Evil 3 and Dead Space is a claustrophobic Steam horror game that is currently cheaper than a regular McDonald’s fries.

Developed by just one man, Airtight City is a third-person shooter gory horror game that draws players into a highly detailed but one with a “weird story”. With the game currently in early access on Steam or available for just £1.69, the developer has stated they will be using any funds the title makes in order to improve the game.

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Due to tight funds, Airtight City 1.0 was sold by the developer after being available as a trial for just over a year. Since then, they have got to work on Version 2.0 which promises an even bigger and better experience. With the developer, DavideEDN, being entirely self-taught, Airtight City is a passion project that combines the claustrophobic horror of Dead Space with the combat you would find in Resident Evil.

As a result, the game currently sits at a “mostly positive” rating on Steam with players praising its one-man developer’s level of passion. One wrote: “We have here a love letter to Dead Space and Resident Evil in the form of Airtight City, a one man project that shows some real promise. There's just enough here to warrant the $2 price tag, being it is just a teaser or demo and knowing that funds collected from this will go toward developing the next iteration of the game is icing on top.”

Another agreed, saying: “This game and the developer have a bright future ahead. It's only about half an hour long give or take a few minutes but it has such great potential. Great tension, sound effects, atmosphere. Reminds me of Daymare 1998 and that is a good thing.”

Airtight City is available on Steam now so don’t miss out both supporting a solo developer and experiencing a short but atmospheric horror.

Featured Image Credit: DavideEDN

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