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Community movie put on hold ahead of first day of filming

Community movie put on hold ahead of first day of filming

Fans waiting the Community film will have to wait a bit longer, as filming has been put on hold due to the current writer's strike

It’s been a while since the hit TV sitcom, Community, aired its final episode in 2015, unfortunately, fans waiting for the upcoming film will need to wait a bit longer.

The Community movie was officially unveiled last September in 2022 by the show’s lead star Joel McHale. Since then, updates have been few and far between, until very recently when it was confirmed filming was set to begin.

Unfortunately, filming was abruptly put on hold following the current writers' strike, meaning it’s unclear when production will be able to start moving again. The news came from Joel McHale himself, which he confirmed in an interview with Variety.

The star said: "We had a shooting date coming up, which was going to be in the summer … I think they were extremely close to — I mean, Dan is somebody that tweaks things but, obviously, that’s all stopped. But I think it was pretty darn close."

McHale then confirmed that it was indeed the writer's strike that put production on hold, saying: "It was close, the shoot date was coming up and we were all excited to do it and then the writer's strike happened, which obviously put everything on hold, and rightfully so … The writers are asking for very reasonable things. Writers need to be paid properly."

The writers' strike has been responsible for a number of delays and halts in the TV and film industry. A number of Marvel Cinematic Universe projects like Daredevil and Deadpool 3 have been put on hold, and Seth Macfarlane, the creator of animated-comedy Family Guy, has temporarily left the show entirely.

It seems Community fans will just have to patiently wait for further updates on the film, but on the bright side, it’s been confirmed that fan-favourite character Troy will be returning for the flick, once again played by Donald Glover, so every cloud has a silver lining.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Pictures Television

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