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Family Guy boss Seth MacFarlane quits show in support of writer's strike

Family Guy boss Seth MacFarlane quits show in support of writer's strike

Family Guy boss Seth MacFarlane has temporarily quit the show in solidarity with the ongoing WGA strike.

Family Guy and American Dad boss Seth MacFarlane has temporarily quit both shows amidst the ongoing WGA strike.

If you hadn’t heard, the Writers Guild of America is currently striking in the hopes of securing a better pay deal. This means that in the US, all entertainment writing services have stopped. The most obvious result of this is that no scripts are being written, but the strike has also shut down productions which are in the midst of filming with completed scripts as a writer's job doesn’t end when the script is complete. Many have a presence on set to assist with last minute amendments and rewrites.

Production on The Last of Us’ second season has been delayed to next year. Originally, additional new actors were going to be auditioned using video game scenes, but this plan has been scrapped. Stranger Things’ fifth season is also on hold, while shows like Andor are continuing to film without a writer or showrunner Tony Gilroy on set - a risky move. Like Gilroy, showrunner Seth MacFarlane is also showing his solidarity with the strike.

As reported by Deadline, MacFarlane will not serve as a writer or producer on the shows while the strikes continue. Family Guy writers Rich Appel and Alec Sulkin and American Dad’s Brian Boyle and Matt Weitzman are also joining the industrial action. It’s no surprise as MacFarlane has already been seen on the picket lines, voicing his support of the strike.

It’s not the first WGA strike. The last took place in 2007 and 2008. If you’re wondering what the impact is on ongoing projects, Quantum of Solace’s script was finished just three days before the strike began in a rushed attempt to avoid it. It’s often considered to be the worst Bond film in Daniel Craig’s tenure and it’s no surprise really. There was no time for rewrites, nor was much of the dialogue written before filming. In fact, because there was no writer on set, Craig had to come up with much of the dialogue himself.

MacFarlane's exit likely won’t affect American Dad and Family Guy’s immediate airing schedule. Family Guy wrapped up its 21st season a couple of weeks ago, while American Dad reportedly has three months of episodes ready to go.

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