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Brendan Fraser Gets Emotional As He Tells Fans He Didn't Know He Was So Adored

Brendan Fraser Gets Emotional As He Tells Fans He Didn't Know He Was So Adored

My heart!

The inimitable Brendan Fraser has once again showed the world why he's so adored, after expressing genuine surprise at the fact that he's so beloved by so many.

The star of classic adventure movies like The Mummy and George Of The Jungle has been enjoying a supremely well-deserved career comeback, and fans have been celebrating with him every step of the way.

Last year, Fraser got all choked up in a now-viral TikTok that showed him modestly responding to an interviewer who informed him the entire internet was behind him. It would appear he didn't really believe it at the time, because actor has once again told fans that he had no idea how many people love him. You can see his comments in the video below:

The actor was speaking at FANEXPO Boston last month when he was asked about the TikTok and his reaction to the way in which it blew up.

When one fan wondered if he felt some were taking the support a little too far, he had this to say: "I'll answer your question. Just recently - and I'm not real big on social media, forgive me for that I'm a luddite apart from the Zelda thing - I did a like a meet and greet at a con and it went on to TikTok and I had a nice little chat with this lovely woman called Lindley, I learned her name. It was big I'm told."

Fraser added that he was a little shocked by her sincerity, but that he appreciates it massively and was completely unaware that there's so much support for him out there.

I mean, how can you not love Brendan motherhugging Fraser?

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/FAN EXPO HQ/Universal

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