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'Better Call Saul' Bob Odenkirk Keen To Kick-Start Action Star Career

'Better Call Saul' Bob Odenkirk Keen To Kick-Start Action Star Career

Bob Odenkirk opened up about his plans now that Better Call Saul has drawn to a close.

Just a few weeks ago, Better Call Saul drew a close after an impressive six-season run, receiving rave reviews. Given that he’s now got plenty of time on his hands, you may be wondering what lead actor Bob Odenkirk is getting up to next. Surely he’ll be hot in demand? Well, the actor actually wants to kickstart an action career.

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As reported by Deadline, Odenkirk recently appeared at the Venice Film Festival and spoke about how much he enjoyed filming last year’s action-flick Nobody. The actor said, “I was very surprised by Nobody. I had initiated that project because I had a feeling that the character I was developing in Better Call Saul was the kind of character you see in an action film. He has earnest desires and he was willing to sacrifice himself.”

Odenkirk went on to add that he still trains “multiple times a week.” He noted, “If I get my way you’re going to see me doing more action. I found the action sequences a great deal of fun and close to doing sketch comedy [...] I love the early Jackie Chan films which had humour in them. I’d like to get that in the future.”

Odenkirk has always delivered and excelled in Better Call Saul so I’m sure he’d bring the same level of talent to any future action roles. In fact, Odenkirk’s performance in Nobody was one of the film’s highlights so all in all, it sounds like a good plan.

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