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Batman: Arkham studio working on new Hogwarts Legacy release

Batman: Arkham studio working on new Hogwarts Legacy release

It's all change at Rocksteady

It appears that Rocksteady Studios will be shifting focus and helping out Avalanche Studios with a new version of Hogwarts Legacy after the disastrous launch of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

According to a new Bloomberg report, Warner Bros. Games head David Haddad recently visited Rocksteady’s London studio to discuss plans for the future, and a big change was delivered.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is one of the biggest flops in recent years despite the high profile.

The report from Bloomberg states that Haddad visited the studio and decided that Rocksteady would begin work on a director’s cut of Hogwarts Legacy.

This comes after the failure of the studio’s Suicide Squad title which has recently become embroiled in controversy as details were released stating the size of the flop, plus the fact that developers were certain the game would underperform.

Hogwarts Legacy, however, is the darling of Warner Bros selling over 24 million copies since release and the game has garnered a dedicated fanbase who want to see more from the Harry Potter universe.

It comes as no surprise that Rocksteady has been moved to something new, but to see a prolific and celebrated studio seemingly relegated to helping out on a new version of a previously released game feels like a low blow.

Further details from the Bloomberg report suggest that, as Rocksteady has struggled in the live service arena, the developer will be pitching a new single-player title to Warner Bros very soon.

This seems to be more Rocksteady’s speed and we’ll hopefully see the studio return to what they do best, perhaps even going back to the Arkham world with a new Batman spin-off.

For now, they’ll be helping Avalanche Studios put together a new trip through Hogwarts, more on which we’ll hopefully find out soon. Just what will make it into a director’s cut of an already large RPG?

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Games

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