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Alan Wake 2 reveals Night Springs DLC expansion, launching tomorrow

Alan Wake 2 reveals Night Springs DLC expansion, launching tomorrow

The DLC promises three different what if scenarios

Horror fans will be able to play more content in the Alan Wake universe starting this weekend, and will also be able to purchase a physical version of the game.

That’s right, the Alan Wake 2 DLC Night Springs is launching tomorrow (Saturday 8 June). It promises three different “what if” scenarios including three different characters.

Take a look at the DLC in action below.

Two of those characters are from the base game, but one of them is Jesse Faden from developer Remedy’s previous title, Control. What’s interesting is that since the entire point of Control is that Jesse is continually experiencing extremely weird things, it’s possible that, at least for her, this is all really happening, and it might play into future events in the Remedy connected universe (those events namely being a second instalment in the Control series, which has already been confirmed by Remedy, though they have cancelled the multiplayer for the series, which was supposed to be a completely separate title.

Not only is the DLC coming out in less than 24 hours, but fans can also pre-order two separate physical editions for the game starting tomorrow. There’s a physical deluxe edition of the game and a physical collectors edition of the game, though it’s currently unclear exactly what to expect in the physical versions of the game other than the DLC itself, which is included in both physical versions of the game.

In our original review of Alan Wake 2, we said, "I’m glad to say that Alan Wake 2 is not only one of the best games of 2023 but it also surpasses the 2010 original in almost every way. It does everything you’d want from a sequel. Alan Wake 2 looks better, it plays better, it sounds better and it brings scares in abundance. Alan Wake 2 is another crown jewel in Remedy Entertainment’s library and a sequel that will delight fans. That being said, let’s just hope we’re not waiting as long for the next game."

Featured Image Credit: Remedy Entertainment

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