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70-Year-Old ‘Skyrim’ Fan Plays Game For 20,000 Hours, And Still Isn’t Finished

70-Year-Old ‘Skyrim’ Fan Plays Game For 20,000 Hours, And Still Isn’t Finished

As shared on Reddit, this Skyrim fan has been playing the game almost every day since it released.

What’s the most time you’ve ever sunk into a game? It’s one of those questions that no matter who you ask, you never know what answer you’re going to get. For some people, a couple of hundred hours is absolutely plenty, for others, those are easily rookie numbers. 

Well, no matter if your record is 5000 hours in TF2, or 75 in Animal Crossing, I think we can all agree that the one I’m about to share is absolutely wild. Well, you’ve seen it in the headline, so I won’t keep you waiting. As shared on Reddit, one older Skyrim player has managed to put almost 20,000 hours into the game, and he’s still not done with it.

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This was posted on the r/Skyrim subreddit by u/Due-Film-9073, who wrote: “A relative has been playing almost every day since release.” Attached is a screenshot of their uncle’s playtime on Steam, which clocks in at 19,503 hours, to be exact. Crikey. 

According to the original poster, their uncle is retired and in his early 70s, which is probably a big part of why he has so much time to put in to gaming. To put it into perspective though, thanks to some handy maths whizzes in the thread - that works out at being over two full years of playing the game, non-stop. Given that it’s been out just over 10 years, that means this guy has spent an entire fifth of that time playing. 

As some eagle eyed Reddit users spotted, after all that time, somehow the guy is still missing five achievements: “The five achievements he hasn’t done: Thief, Master Criminal, Oblivion Walker, At the Summit of Apocrypha and Dragon Rider,” wrote Due-Film-9043. At the Summit of Apocrypha is, of course, the final quest in Dragonborn, so it’s pretty amazing he didn’t get this one - maybe he just didn’t want to think it was all over. I bet he’s looking forward to The Elder Scrolls VI, anyway.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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