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Starfield getting major Elder Scrolls fan expansion bringing all of Tamriel into one landmass

Starfield getting major Elder Scrolls fan expansion bringing all of Tamriel into one landmass

This is a huge project for Starfield

Bethesda games are usually supported by ambitious mods for many years after release, but this latest idea takes the cake.

One very enthusiastic fan has had the idea of combining all of Tamriel, that’s right the land in which The Elder Scrolls is based, and incorporating it into Starfield.

Starfield will be getting its first official expansion later this year with Shattered Space

Project Tamriel appeared recently on Reddit with its lead creator pitching the vision of bringing together Starfield and all of Tamriel, which includes Skyrim, Oblivion, and Morrowind.

Not only will this include the geography of those games, but all of the items, quests, and NPCs also. It’s more than ambitious and would require essentially getting all three games playable within another game.

Detailing the plan user New-Star-340 said, “Our vision is to create a cohesive and richly detailed world where fans can rediscover their favorite Elder Scrolls locations and adventures, now with a starfield twist of perspective.”

This was met with the usual replies from the positive and supportive to the jokingly flippant. The top reply comes from not_a_bad_guy2842 who said, “Damn can't wait to see this come out in 2050”

Another Redditor, Apprehensive-Wind316, lived up to their screen name saying, “Seems a bit too ambitious but good luck.”

There may be more to it though as one user points out that the description of the mod says to join a Discord link and/or visit a website but neglects to provide a link. This user, NowaVision, believes it’s just satire.

They pointed out the missing links and said “Project Tamriel is an already existing project.”

Whether it’s satire or a very real project, it’s an interesting look at modding in PC games where very ambitious projects are announced all the time, usually in Bethesda games.

One final reply to point out shows that a mod of this size isn’t even really needed as they point out, “I truly don't understand why anyone would want this. Just play Elder Scrolls games if you like that world so much.”

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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