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GTA 6 fans are happy to pay more than $70 when the game launches

GTA 6 fans are happy to pay more than $70 when the game launches

How much would you pay for GTA 6?

In this generation of consoles and PC hardware, gamers have often had to ask themselves, ‘How much do I want to pay for this game?’ Especially since the advent of $70 titles.

Whether we like it or not, blockbuster titles will always sell in that top bracket and it’s likely that GTAVI will follow suit.

Who knows when exactly we'll see GTAVI, the hype train keeps on rolling

A question was posed on Reddit asking users “Would you buy GTA 6 if it’s worth more than $70?” and the replies are very interesting.

“Hell I’d pay 150 if I needed to.” replied one very eager Redditor who continued, “You need to know what value you’re getting for your money. $70 is absolutely nothing to what we’re gonna be getting.”

More and more people equate the volume of ‘content’ to the price being paid. While this argument understandably has detractors, it’s simply something that many will ponder, ‘Am I getting hundreds of hours for $70?’

Another user had this to say, “They could sell it for double and just state that you're paying for GTAO2 as well. Zero issues over here.” showing that some consider the online component of the game is worth just as much as the story.

One reply wisely held caution saying, “Not until we see the gameplay breakdown trailer.”

It’s hard not to be swept along by the hype train for GTAVI if you’re a fan of Rockstar, or immersive RPGs generally. Would over a decade waiting be worth more than $70? It seems many think so.

“I’d pay 200 if I have to I’m ngl.” replied one Redditor, and it could very well pan out that a special edition of the game would cost just that.

It’s likely that as the year rolls on we’ll get another trailer, perhaps a more solid release date, and details of pricing. Rockstar Games could, at this point, earn more than ever before from this one title.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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