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Call Of Duty: Black Ops player becomes first to solo round 100 Call of The Dead after 13 years

Call Of Duty: Black Ops player becomes first to solo round 100 Call of The Dead after 13 years

It's a world first

It has taken the community over 13 years to see this happen, but one player has managed to clear 100 waves of enemies in Call of Duty Black Ops: Call of the Dead, on their own. It was thought that this couldn’t be done, but that hasn’t stopped several people from attempting it in the past and it certainly didn’t hold back this Twitch streamer.

PromptTheStealthPatcher, as they’re known on Twitch, managed to beat this challenge taking 61 hours of gameplay, reaching round 100. They used a particular tactic that divided the community, but there’s no doubting this monumental achievement.

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The streamer used a tactic that involved despawning zombies while having them still count as a kill, they die off instead of respawning. This has some saying the world's first completion doesn’t count, but there is, currently, no other way to reach round 100 solo. The strat was only discovered a few months ago, so it may well become a standard in this sort of challenge run.

Call of the Dead was one of the last maps to see this achievement, with many believing only Nuketown, Depot, and Farm left to go. This success was always thought impossible due to the map’s reset timer, along with a lack of infinitely damaging weapons.

Regardless of the strategy used, this is still a hell of an achievement. Planning your tactics and staying in the zone for 61 hours is monumental. We’re glad to see ‘Prompt’ took regular breaks and spread out this playtime over several days in order to stay fresh and healthy. Will they take on one of the other maps? Will this light a fire under the community in an attempt to recreate the success? Whatever happens, it’s an exciting time for the Call of Duty: Black Ops players.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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