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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Gulf War teases huge change to loadouts

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Gulf War teases huge change to loadouts

Will the next Call of Duty shake up loadouts?

Big changes could be coming to Call of Duty with the next installment of the series, Black Ops Gulf War. Little is known about the upcoming game currently, but leaks are starting to flow that show an overhaul to loadouts may be on the horizon.

If rumours are true, this could end up being the biggest change to Call of Duty’s loadout system in many years. What we’re hearing is that the loadout customisation will increase from two weapons, to three.

Call of Duty is still the number one shooter in gaming after years of domination

Normally, you’d get a choice of a primary weapon along with a secondary weapon. This could be an assault rifle or shotgun, with a back up of a pistol, or an RPG. However, rumours state that a third slot could be available to equip a combat knife.

A leaker posted on Twitter saying, “Loadouts now come with a 3rd weapon slot being a knife in Black Ops Gulf War. I’m not sure if it’s changeable as all of the presets I have found use the knife as the tertiary weapon, but this is the first CoD to allow this I believe.”

If this is true, it’ll be the first Call of Duty game to offer a third weapon slot for a long time, we’re talking back in 2017’s Modern Warfare Remastered. And before that, the only time the series saw a three weapon loadout would have been in the original 2003 game.

What this means for the series is a shake up for all players who would, we assume, be able to equip a primary weapon, along with a secondary, with the knife being used as a melee attack, rather than the standard punch that we’re used to. It would mean some weapon juggling, but players would quickly adapt and, perhaps, it leads to being able to move faster while having just the knife equipped as we see in rival shooters.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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