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'Yakuza Like A Dragon 8' Revealed, And Kiryu's New Look Is Definitely Something

'Yakuza Like A Dragon 8' Revealed, And Kiryu's New Look Is Definitely Something

Like A Dragon 8 may not be coming until 2024, but people have a lot of thoughts on Kiryu's hair.

If you’ve been checking in with us here at GAMINGbible today, then you’ll know what’s on the way. It’s time to dive into yet another reveal. Yesterday was like a mini E3 wasn’t it? We got to see some incredible new IPs like Rise Of The Ronin and Pacific Drive, plus there were some returning favourites. I’m talking about the new God of War Ragnarök story trailer plus the Breath Of The Wild sequel title reveal. Speaking of sequels, Yakuza Like A Dragon 8 is also on the way.

Check out the trailer for Like A Dragon 8 below.

To call it ‘Yakuza 8’ isn’t factually correct because the series is seemingly dropping the Yakuza moniker altogether, opting simply for Like A Dragon 8. As exciting as this news is though, we’ve got a long wait ahead of us. Like A Dragon 8 is scheduled to land on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC in 2024.

Alongside the announcement, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio dropped a trailer and fans are all talking about one thing: Kiryu’s hair. Until now, Kiryu has been known for his ebony-toned locks but in Like A Dragon 8, he appears to be sporting a new silver hairdo.

Over on ResetEra, fans reacted to the change. Lilalaunebaer wrote, “Yo, I´m down for Kiryu’s new look,” whilst Fat4all added, “Kiryu looks f**king slick, baby.” Not everyone was quite so onboard though. Rowsdower said, “Kiryu what happened to your hair man.” Word is that Kiryu’s hair change will be justified within the game, but it’ll be a while until that secret is revealed. In the meantime, let the theories begin.

Featured Image Credit: SEGA

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