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Xbox Series X update makes controversial change to the console

Xbox Series X update makes controversial change to the console

Xbox Series X/S consoles are finally getting an overhauled dashboard, but fans say there's still room for improvement.

It’s the update that Xbox Series X/S owners have been waiting for. A new home screen, or dashboard as it’s technically called, has finally arrived - although it’s not available for everyone just yet.

It’s been a busy ol’ time in the world of Xbox. Of course, there was the rocky launch of Redfall, but I’m imagining Microsoft are ready to brush that one under the rug and move on. The Series X/S external storage has received an incredible permanent price drop, plus Microsoft have also begun teasing their next-gen console. That’s likely many years away though. In the immediate future, we have the upcoming Xbox Showcase, followed by a Starfield direct. Our hopes are high for Starfield, although it was recently unveiled that it’ll have ‘wild’ sex scenes. Make of that what you will. Today though, we’re here to discuss the Series X/S’s home screen overhaul.

Speaking of Starfield, take a look at the game in action below.

Fans have been after a dashboard overhaul for quite some time. The Series X/S home screen isn’t the most intuitive of designs with fans having aimed criticisms at it for years. As reported by ComicBook, fans’ biggest issue with the current design is that icons clutter the screen, blocking out the background. For years, it was hoped that these icons would become customisable, but that’s never been the case.

Unfortunately, and rather controversially, that’s still not the case. Instead though, the new design opts for an all-around more minimalistic design and those who have been asked to trial run it are pretty impressed with the design. One Xbox user wrote, “Xbox Home feels fantastic. Dynamic backgrounds really shine here. I did provide Xbox Insider feedback on smoother/faster background transitions and more.”

One added, “I wish they’d just make the second row the same size as the top row,” in reference to the new icons, while someone commented, “It’s still too bloated.” On the whole, the new dashboard is an improvement, but there’s clearly still a few kinks to iron out. The new dashboard remains in testing and is yet to receive a full rollout.

Featured Image Credit: Billy Freeman via Unsplash

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