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Xbox Series X/S surprise update released, loaded with fixes and features

Xbox Series X/S surprise update released, loaded with fixes and features

Xbox Series X/S surprise update released, loaded with fixes and features

Microsoft has apparently been busy working on a new software update for Xbox Series X/S consoles according to a recent roadmap leaked during the FTC vs. Microsoft court case.

In an aim to simplify data management, Microsoft has begun rolling out a new software update for Xbox units which includes a brand-new Events bar aimed at keeping players up to date with live challenges. The update will also include changes to the way user-generated content is stored with uploaded footage being automatically deleted after 90 days. For players who wish to keep footage, Microsoft suggest uploading it to external hard drives or One Drive cloud storage.

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Once the update is installed this September, players will notice a new addition to their Dashboards on Xbox Series X/S. The Events bar will be a new way to keep track of current live challenges in the games you are playing much like the activity cards used on the PlayStation 5. This will also be useful for multiplayer games as you can keep track of upcoming live events so you don’t miss a thing.

As mentioned, the update will also change the way Xbox consoles store user-generated content. All footage added to the Xbox network will be removed after 90 days so make sure you save your videos elsewhere if you don’t want to lose them. Adding them to Microsoft’s One Drive cloud storage will become the default setting once the update rolls out. Additionally, footage saved directly to the Xbox SSD will not expire.

News of this new software update came alongside leaks of a possible Dishonoured 3 title as well as Fallout 3 Remastered. With no confirmation from Microsoft, these rumours must be taken with a pinch of salt but it’s exciting news nonetheless. Plenty of rumours are still left to sift through thanks to the recent court case leak so it remains to be seen what else we can expect in the future from Microsoft.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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