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Xbox Game Pass announces next wave of additions, includes popular 2022 racer

Xbox Game Pass announces next wave of additions, includes popular 2022 racer

A popular racer from 2022 is available now with the latest wave of Xbox Game Pass additions.

Xbox Game Pass is a service that keeps on growing and it’s added a big-hitter to its ever-expanding library.

Each month, subscribers to Xbox Game Pass are treated to a wave of new additional games to the service. The service also includes first-party titles at launch and thanks to a partnership with Electronic Arts, some of the publisher's biggest games also come to the service, eventually.

Recently, the next batch of games for June and July 2023 was announced and it includes the 2022 racer Need for Speed Unbound. The popular racer is included with the Electronic Arts subscription service, EA Play, and because this additional service is included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, it’s also included in the Microsoft service too. Happy days!

Take a look at the game in action below.

Developed by Criterion Games, Need for Speed Unbound is the 25th mainline entry in the series. The game's location is inspired by Chicago and features a snazzy cel-shading and graffiti art style that quite literally explodes with colour. What’s more, it features a cinematic story campaign, high-octane gameplay, and deep car customisation - pretty much everything that you’d want from a Need for Speed game.

So when is Need for Speed Unbound coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, I hear you ask? Well, it’s available today (22 June 2023). The game is also available via EA Play on PlayStation 5.

What else is coming to Xbox Game Pass? Other additions include Bramble: The Mountain King (Cloud, Console, and PC) and F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch (Cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X|S) on 27 June. Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town (Console and PC) on 29 June, Arcade Paradise (Console and PC) on 3 July, and Sword and Fairy: Together Forever (Console and PC) on 5 July.

In related news, Microsoft will not only be increasing the price of the Xbox Series X console but also the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Need for Speed Unbound is out now for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft, EA

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