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Xbox cancels major PlayStation 5 game, and fans aren't happy

Xbox cancels major PlayStation 5 game, and fans aren't happy

Xbox has cancelled a major PlayStation 5 game, and Sony fans are not happy.

Xbox has cancelled a major PlayStation 5 game, and Sony fans are not happy.

In September 2020, Microsoft snapped up ZeniMax Media and all its subsidiaries which includes Bethesda in a deal worth $7.5 billion. The deal was then finalised around five months later, making Bethesda titles first-party to the Xbox brand.

So it should be a given that most Bethesda-developed titles will only be available on PC and Xbox. However, games already in development, such as Ghostwire: Tokyo and Deathloop would come to PlayStation as well as Xbox, eventually.

One other title that was set to come to both Xbox and PlayStation was co-op multiplayer game, Redfall. Unfortunately, as reported by Eurogamer (via IGN), when Microsoft’s acquisition was finalised, the green brand cancelled the version of Redfall that was intended to come to PS5.

“We were acquired by Microsoft and it was a change with [a] capital C,” said Redfall designer, Harvey Smith. “They came in and said 'No PlayStation 5, we're focusing on Xbox, PC and the Game Pass'.”

At the time of writing, there’s no telling how far into development the PS5 version of Redfall was. It could have been a mere suggestion at that phase. While Microsoft’s decision is understandable, as a cross-platform game for PC and Xbox Series X|S, surely Redfall would have benefited by adding PlayStation 5 into the mix?

Naturally, some fans aren’t happy about the PS5 version of Redfall being cancelled. “Thought Xbox was all about everyone playing their games?” said freelance writer and content creator Jontis. This notion was also shared by another Twitter user..

To argue the case on the flip side, if this was the other way around, I have no doubts that Sony wouldn't have pulled the same trick and it seems that many are also in agreement with that opinion.

“This article would not have been written if it was the other way around,” said a Twitter user replying on a Eurogamer thread.

“Why is this such a big deal if Sony would have bought Bethesda no one would have blinked an eyelid at the xbox version being binned,” said another.

I appreciate console exclusivity to an extent as for generations it's been part of a brand's identity. However, it does make me a little concerned that with or without a ‘10-year deal’, would Microsoft pull something similar with the Call of Duty series if it successfully acquires Activision Blizzard? Only time will tell.

Featured Image Credit: Sony/Microsoft

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