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Dishonored Studio Reveals Jaw-Dropping Trailer For Vampire Shooter 'Redfall'

Dishonored Studio Reveals Jaw-Dropping Trailer For Vampire Shooter 'Redfall'

You’ve got red on you.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

From Arkane, Redfall has utterly blown us away at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase because it is like the seriously stylish love child of Wolfenstein and Stranger Things.

Rumours were running rampant that Arkane (the developer behind Dishonored and Prey) had its nose to the grindstone creating a much more supernatural game than its previous projects. I suppose the foundations had been laid with Deathloop, but there's a definite sense that the developer has let loose here. The trailer pops with colour and style, with that red font and snappy acerbic humour giving me major '80s vibes. It appears that on this Earth, vampires have taken over, ensuring that the night is never safe again from these terrifying and relentless creatures. Fortunately for us, this quartet of warriors aren't going to give up without a fight, and without stopping for snacks on the way.

Honestly, it's best you see the trailer for yourself because words won't do this showstopper justice. Check it out below.

As you see, the characters are able to draw on different abilities to turn the tide in battle. Layla Ellison has incredible telekinetic powers that create energy, shields and momentum to attack or defend from the vampires. Jacob Boyer, on the other hand, has invisibility and an exacting eye, ensuring that every shot counts. Remi de la Rosa has an adorable robot companion, as a result of her expertise as a combat engineer in the Navy all that time ago. And Devinder Crousley... he's certainly got a knack for a story and his exciting inventions allow the team to track paranormal phenomena before it finds them first.

Redfall comes to PC, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in summer 2022. Anyone got a time machine up their sleeves?

Featured Image Credit: Arkane

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