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The worst Pokémon of all-time decided in massive poll, and we kinda feel bad for 'em

The worst Pokémon of all-time decided in massive poll, and we kinda feel bad for 'em

Do you feel bad for this unloved Pokemon?

By now there are hundreds and hundreds of Pokemon and, of course, people have their favourites. But this also means people have least favourites, or even Pokemon they dislike.

A survey was conducted on Reddit to try and rank the many Pokemon with the idea of showing that every Pokemon is someone’s favourite. Well, maybe not.

There's such a vast range of Pokemon across the nine generations

The survey received over 52,000 votes and there was an average of around 65 votes for each Pokemon. However, there were four pocket monsters that received zero votes. No points. Just a sad, empty existence with no love.

When I read these results only one of the Pokemon was expected - Silcoon. Silcoon is the epitome of a boring Pokemon, it does practically nothing, it looks dull and we only put them on our team to get the eventual evolution of Beautifly.

The others who received zero points make me feel sorry for them.

Gothita has done no wrong. She doesn’t deserve to be so disliked. At least she looks interesting. Then there’s Eelektrik who, I’ll be honest, is a bit ugly, but at least it’s useful. Plus it evolves into the awesome Eelektross. But, I get it, this little guy looks like an ugly eel and many prefer their Pokemon to be cute.

Which is why it puzzles me that the last to receive zero points was Yungoos. Granted, he’s a grumpy little sod, constantly growling at everything, but its a cute, sleek little critter.

Having read more about Yungoos, I can see why some wouldn’t choose it. It does look like Donald Trump, and he’s the last person you want on your team.

These poor Pokemon, with nobody to love them.

If you’re interested in who won the poll, you won’t be surprised to hear it’s Charizard, it’s been a hugely popular Pokemon for years and years.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo, OLM

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