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Watch Dogs battle royale cancelled by Ubisoft, nobody mourns its passing

Watch Dogs battle royale cancelled by Ubisoft, nobody mourns its passing

Absence makes the heart grow... what was it again?

Apparently, there was going to be a Watch Dogs battle royale where players would try to identify competitors in a sea of NPCs while also blending into the crowds of a futuristic Tokyo. That was until Ubisoft found that its attempts to break into that genre didn't go down well with its players.

I assume, if true, this is something to do with the fate of Hyper Scape. Oh, you don't know Hyper Scape? I would forgive you your ignorance. Unfortunately, this battle royale did win some over for its quirks on the established standard like the fact that Twitch viewers could vote on changes to the matches in real-time, there was no circle to play within as the game progressed, and players could win if they held a crown in their possession for 60 seconds.

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However, Ubisoft ended up shuttering the game less than two years into its lifespan. And, based on this scoop, it sounds like it wasn't the only battle royale in the works with the developer and this Watch Dogs themed one didn't fare any better. Bear in mind this report has been sourced from 4Chan so it's worth viewing it with a handful of salt.

The leaker claims that the game, titled Watch Dogs.EXE, would pit 50 players against each other and they would be able to cloak themselves as NPCs to evade detection. Exploring a map of Tokyo that was equivalent to the size of Camden in Legion, players would collect loot and hacking abilities over the course of the game, and any player who accidentally killed another NPC would be marked for the whole lobby to hunt down for a period of three minutes.

The map would shrink however those caught outside of the limit would lose their ability to cloak and would be attacked by NPC CTOS enemies. It sounds like an interesting take on battle royale, but, shown by Hyper Scape, Ubisoft's forays into this space haven't been that successful.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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