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'Valorant' Devs Reveal Which Agents Have The Highest Win Rates

'Valorant' Devs Reveal Which Agents Have The Highest Win Rates

Valorant developers have revealed which agents have the highest win rates, and it's not who you'd expect.

Valorant was, and continues to be, a colossal success. If you’re going to release a free-to-play game, I’d imagine you’d want its trajectory to go a little bit like this. Riot Games’ first-person hero shooter burst on the scene back in 2020 and in the last month alone, has welcomed over 21 million monthly players. In fact, Valorant’s devs have been looking into player data and have published some very interesting findings in their State Of The Agents report.

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Over on Valorant’s blog, developer Dan Hardison has revealed the agents with the highest win rates. Prefacing the findings, Hardison wrote, “I thought it would be interesting to shed some light on some spicy data that shows how perception doesn’t always match reality as far as power is concerned for ranked, even amongst our best players.”

Got your guesses in? Well, it turns out that Brimstone and Sage are the two most powerful agents in Valorant. On Brimstone, Hardison said, “Three times as many players believe this character is too weak versus too strong, but he has one of the highest win rates in higher MMRs.”

When it comes to Sage, Hardison said, “Still one of the best agents in the game across all skill bands in ranked, despite player sentiment indicating that they’re the fourth weakest agent.” There you have it. Most players are actually severely underestimating some of the strongest agents. You learn something new everyday.

Featured Image Credit: Riot Games

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