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Valheim fans surprised by new game announcement

Valheim fans surprised by new game announcement

A board game worthy of Valhalla

If you wanted more of the popular multiplayer video game RPG Valheim, but with a twist, you’re in luck with today’s story.

Developed by indie team Iron Gate Studio and published by Coffee Stain Publishing, Valheim became an overnight sensation when it originally launched on PC in 2021 via Steam early access. Then, when Valheim launched two years later on Xbox, it garnered a new legion of fans eager for some Viking shenanigans.

Check out the Valheim - The Board Game teaser trailer below!

Unfortunately, at this time, there is no word of Valheim arriving on PlayStation, however, developers Iron Gate Studio have previously teased its potential release. That being said, we do have some good news for those PlayStation fans feeling left out and for those Valheim veterans, because a new board game adaptation is on the way.

Valheim is a 1-4 player co-op board game where teamwork and strategy are key to survival,” reads the description of the game via its crowdfunding Gamefound page. “Gather your fellow companions and venture forward to explore, build, collect resources, forge weapons, battle enemies, and carve your path towards summoning the ultimate evil. The fate of everyone lies in your hands!”

Valheim - The Board Game will be developed by Mood Publishing in collaboration with Iron Gate Studios. Sadly at this time, very few other details have been revealed about the upcoming board game but you can follow its campaign to be updated as soon as new information drops.

With details being so vague, a release date hasn't been announced but going by previous board game campaigns, whether it’s on Gamefound or Kickstarter, it might be safe to assume that Valheim - The Board Game might be one or two years away, at least.

One of the benefits of supporting a crowdfunded board game is that you often unlock exclusive items such as mini figures, cards and more, as the crowdfunding total increases before a deadline. I assume that Valheim - The Board Game will be no exception so it might be worth following this campaign if you’re a fan of the video game.

Featured Image Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

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