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Unintentionally hilarious new horror movie being called worst film of the year

Unintentionally hilarious new horror movie being called worst film of the year

Was it pro-technology and social media or anti-technology and social media? It's tough to tell.

Grimcutty, a new horror movie about an Internet meme that comes to life and starts attacking children, is now being hailed as one of the worst movies of the year. I'm sure you're oh so surprised.

The creature Grimcutty is similar to Jeff the Killer, Momo or Slenderman in that it stalks those who witness it online and forces them to commit violent acts. While parents and police are worried that this meme sensation might lead their children astray, locking the children's phones and laptops away so that they might shake out of this phase, the children themselves are trying to tell the adults that the monster is actually real and they're all in danger.

It's not a bad premise, really, but it's the abysmal script that lets it down. "Someone could've hit me over the head with a sledgehammer and it would've been more subtle than this movie's social commentary on toxic internet culture, phone addiction and the dangers of social media," said one. The design of the creature has been ridiculed too, with some saying they were reminded of Gru from the Despicable Me series. That's... not the comparison you'd like to see as the director.

"If I saw Grimcutty with them skinny legs, itty bitty ass and wide af back running towards me I’d LMAO," jeered another viewer. Well, if you are curious, the movie is available on Hulu and Disney Plus. It's not a total waste of 101 minutes of your time because these viewers, though disappointed, did find some entertainment in how shoddy Grimcutty was.

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