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Underrated shooter is being removed from sale and pulled offline forever

Underrated shooter is being removed from sale and pulled offline forever

Underrated shooter Lemnis Gate is being shut down for good very soon.

It’s no secret that the gaming industry can be incredibly lucrative. You need look no further than the sales of Hogwarts Legacy to see that in action. That’s not to say that success is always guaranteed though.

Hogwarts Legacy may have shifted a whopping 12 million copies in just two weeks, but we’ve seen a couple of ‘flops’ as of late too. Luminous Productions’ Forspoken had boxes full of steelbooks end up in landfill after the title failed to sell well. In fact, Square Enix have merged Luminous Productions back into the main fold following their disappointing debut. Reports claim that Ubisoft recently cancelled three unannounced titles due to financial struggles, and there are similar reports relating to TT Games’ LEGO franchise. Now, another one bites the dust as an underrated shooter is about to be shut down for good.

Speaking of Ubisoft, who’s excited for Assassin's Creed Mirage later this year? Check out the trailer below.

Frontier Foundry and Ratloop Games have confirmed that Lemnis Gate will be pulled from sale on 11 April 2023. The servers will then be shut down on 11 July 2023, so you don’t have long left to enjoy this title if you’re an avid player. Lemnis Gate launched back in August 2021. The turn-based FPS takes place in a time loop and landed a very respectable score of 78 on Metacritic upon release.

Game Rant wrote that the game is “addictive” and “impossible to put down,” while JeuxVideo referred to Lemnis Gate as a “clever and damn well-designed game”. So what went wrong? Despite the critical success, Lemnis Gate has always struggled to gain a wide playerbase. SteamDB claims the game had an all-time player peak of 807 two years ago, with a peak of just 10 players in the last 24 hours.

Announcing the closure, the Lemnis Gate team wrote, “We want to thank you all for your support with Lemnis Gate, joining us for many incredible rounds in the loop. We’ve truly loved seeing your passion for the game, the mind-bending strategies you created and how you embraced this innovative twist on the FPS genre. Lemnis Gate has been an ambitious project that we are privileged to have brought to life together, so it's with sadness that we share this news today.”

If you’re a console player, you will be able to access local multiplayer and training modes after the 11 July closure date. PC players will lose all access though.

Featured Image Credit: Frontier Foundry, Activision

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