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A 2023 shooter is ending support, just one year after launching

A 2023 shooter is ending support, just one year after launching

Gone too soon

It’s not gone as planned for this action shooter.

Despite a lot of “mostly positive” reviews on Steam, this 2023 Capcom shooter is dead in the water only a year after its launch.

The game itself hasn’t been discounted, however, its online support has been culled. Players still deep in the trenches of Exoprimal have to face a future without major updates and new content.

Talk about going extinct...!

Before it went extinct, this is what Exoprimal was about.

Considering this is the closest we’ve got to a new Dino Crisis, to see these dinos, and our red headed protagonist Majesty, say goodbye so soon feels particularly painful.

After only 248 days of seasonal experiences, Capcom has called time on original updates, and will instead rotate previously launched content.

In a statement, the publisher said, “All planned Exoprimal seasonal content has been finished. After Season 4, which concludes on July 11th, Season 1 will return. From there, a new season will begin on the first of each month.”

To avoid fans panicking, Capcom was kind enough to reiterate that the game itself isn’t over, just new updates.

Sorry, but that kind of feels like the same thing with a game like this.

While we’re sure some are mourning this news, Twitter users have been less than favourable towards this now deceased dino experience.

“I have not heard a single person talk about it after it was released,” commented Xavier Brown.

User cyber alsina said, “Surprised it went for as long as it did, honestly.”

There’s clearly no love lost there. Yet, on Steam, with reviews that talk of Exoprimal being a “badass and fun game”, it feels like we’re losing an action-packed experience whose potential has been largely left untapped.

Exoprimal isn’t gone, but it’s likely to be forgotten after this.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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