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Uncharted fans demand justice after seeing how good The Last Of Us show is

Uncharted fans demand justice after seeing how good The Last Of Us show is

Uncharted fans are frustrated that so much effort went into The Last of Us show while they were left with a fairly mediocre movie.

The Last of Us TV series is an incredible example of how to do a good video game adaptation. For some reason, despite having some great source material to work with, many adaptations in the past have been awful. There are exceptions to the rule, but most of the time, they’ve been fairly mediocre.

One film that many would argue falls into this sad, ‘alright’ category was last year’s Uncharted movie. It wasn’t bad, but compared to The Last of Us, the adaptation left quite a lot to be desired. As Dexerto reports, fans of the Uncharted franchise are feeling frustrated that another one of Naughty Dog’s creations got given the special treatment while they got “stuck with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg”.

Check out what’s coming up next on The Last of Us below.

“I wish Naughty Dog had loved its source material from Uncharted as much as they do The Last of Us because an actually good Uncharted movie/show would be phenomenal,” tweeted @RustyBUCKETS321. “The Last of Us is a masterpiece and since Naughty Dog know how to do adaptations so well what the f**k went wrong with Uncharted,” questioned @alyyhegazy. “Us Uncharted fans seeing The Last of Us be a perfect adaption while we’re stuck with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg with terrible writing,” @UnproblematicMr wrote, along with a series of Family Guy reaction pictures.

It’s not just Uncharted fans going through it - the Halo fanbase had a similar reaction after The Last of Us’ premiere, with some pointing out what a difference it makes for adaptations to follow the source material so faithfully. I think many of us are still processing that one bizarre scene with Master Chief. You know the one.

Hopefully, future video game adaptations will take a leaf out of The Last of Us’ book - as well as being a phenomenal show in its own right, it’s proven that these things can be fantastic if done properly.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing, HBO

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