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Twitch Streamer Threatened At Gunpoint Mid-Broadcast

Twitch Streamer Threatened At Gunpoint Mid-Broadcast

When someone asks you if you've ever met a gang member, the conversation won't end well.

You would think being a Twitch streamer was one of the safest jobs around. Spending all day at home in front of your computer sounds relatively free of workplace accidents.

However, not all Twitch streamers host video gaming content. There is a category called Just Chatting where streamers simply hang out with their chat, equally there is Hot-Tub and Pizza Time, which are pretty self-explanatory. One streamer even spent April Fool’s reading in silence as over 2000 fans watched. Essentially, Twitch leaves the door open for creators to make content in whichever way they feel fit. This has led to the emergence of IRL streaming, where people take their cameras out into the wild and film their lives.

One of the first streams which changed how we think about the platform was Twitch Plays Pokémon. Find out all about its history here.

Unfortunately, when someone is carrying a camera, some people take it as an invitation to mess with the person filming. Last month, we reported on CashMeow, an IRL streamer who was physically assaulted by a number of men while drinking at a bar in Tokyo. However, now one streamer has gotten in an altercation on his stream which could have turned deadly.

As reported by Dexerto, streamer Arab had a gun pulled on him while filming in Miami. The streamer was sitting on a grassy verge and talking to a stranger who appeared to be under the influence of something. The man asked Arab for alcohol and weed before becoming aggressive, asking the streamer if he’d ever seen a gang member, or seen someone be killed before.

The man then pulled something small from his backpack and Arab quickly took his leave telling his chat it was a gun. Some speculated because of its size it was only a gun-shaped lighter, but with the man’s aggressive attitude the streamer wasn’t taking his chances.

Featured Image Credit: Arab / Twitch

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