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Twitch Streamer Abused By Drunk Man Mid Broadcast Left Terrified

Twitch Streamer Abused By Drunk Man Mid Broadcast Left Terrified

Horrifying scenes

A female Twitch streamer's latest IRL outing ended in terrifying fashion earlier this week, when she was pursued through the streets of a Shibuya by a drunk man.

IRL streams are proving increasingly popular these days, with many streamers choosing to broadcast their day-to-day activities to viewers. Naturally, streaming live in public can often come with its own risk. Other streamers have been assaulted and threatened mid-broadcast before now.

Crazy_japanese is a partnered Twitch streamer and Japanese language teacher with 33.8k followers. Her streams run the gamut from cooking videos to simply heading out and exploring Japan.

The streamer was out with a fellow Twitch star, Hyubsama, with whom she's collaborated in the past. These IRL streams often show the pair preparing meals together, or visiting bars and restaurants.

During a January 23 stream, the two streamers headed to a bar, where Hyubsama started drinking. Hyubsama, seemingly quite drunk, started to touch Crazy without her consent. Despite repeatedly telling him to stop, Hyubsama continued to behave inappropriately.

Clips originally deleted from Twitch have since been uploaded to Livestream Fails, but please be aware some of you may find the content distressing. In the clips, we can see Crazy leaving the bar with Hyubsama following her and shouting after her.

“You’re out of control,” she told her fellow streamer, “You are so drunk. Stop. This is going to break TOS."

Crazy ended the stream, and started a new broadcast once she was safely home. Clearly shaken by what had just happened, she told viewers that Hyubsama made her feel “unsafe” and “disrespected.”

Hyubsama started his own stream a little later on, where he attempted to maintain he had done nothing wrong by... acting like he didn't know he'd done something wrong.

“I’m really sorry. It’s okay," he said. "I don’t feel anything about this, honestly. I’m sorry if I did something wrong.”

Crazy explained that the situation prompted her to reflect on the content she was making... although we should all be very clear that Crazy is in no way to blame for anything that happened during the offending stream.

“I feel so stupid. What am I doing?" she asked viewers. "My content is not about risking my life. My content is about traveling and education. So, let’s focus on that.”

Featured Image Credit: Twitch via Crazy_Japanese

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